Marketing Plan

Plan all aspects of your marketing in one place

Character Profile

Bring your characters to life


Set out a visual direction

Event Brief

Plan the perfect event experience

Marketing Brief

Brief-in a marketing team

Interior Design Brief

Kick-off interior design projects

Site Map

Plan the perfect website structure

Website Content Plan

Figure out your website content

User Journey Map

Design better user experiences

Strategic Planning

Communicate goals, actions and metrics

Team Structure

Map out your team

User Story

Spec-out your next great feature

User Flow

Uncover hidden UX issues

Value Proposition Canvas

Figure out your value proposition

SEO Brief

Capture key info for SEO projects


Make the most of your shoot and limit downtime

Video Creative Brief

Get your best ideas on film

Social Media Strategy

Plan the perfect social media strategy

Target Audience

Target the perfect customer

Weekly Plan

Manage your week

Social Media Calendar

Plan your social media schedule

Story Outline

Plan your story outline, plot, scenes, and more

Story Map

The perfect foundation for your story

Team Planner

Keep everybody focused

Game Level Design

Plan your video game levels

Graphic Design Moodboard

Set out the direction for your new design project

Mind Map

Quickly generate new ideas

Interior Design Moodboard

Communicate the feel of an interior space

Photography Moodboard

Share the vision for your next photoshoot

Fashion Moodboard

Gather inspiration for your upcoming collection

Funding Tracker

Keep track of potential investors

Stakeholder Mapping

Map out the influential stakeholders on your project

Game Design Project

Plan your next video game project

Design Brief

Brief-in a design team

Photography Workflow

Manage your photography process from start to finish

Marketing Campaigns

Keep track of your planned and ongoing campaigns

Porter's Five Forces

Model the driving forces underpinning your industry.

Creative Brief

Brief-in a creative team

Blog Post

Write your next blog article all in one place

Event Planning

Map key milestones, deadlines and touch-points

Call Sheet

Organize and schedule your crew


Run an online brainstorming session with your team

AARRR Metrics

Map out your startup funnel using the AARRR framework.

Competitor Analysis

Map out your competitor landscape

Film Palette

Plan the color palette for your film

Empathy Map

Develop a deeper insight into your customer

Photoshoot Plan

Plan a photoshoot

Hiring Process

Make recruiting easier

Press Release Brief

Brief-in a press release writer

Inspiration Board

Develop a visual aesthetic for your content

Marketing Calendar

Manage your monthly marketing priorities

Lean Canvas

Map out your next startup

Sales Pipeline

Track and manage your sales leads

Project Retrospective

Discover what worked and what can be improved

Product Roadmap

Visualize how a product is likely to grow

Photoshoot Brief

Kick off your photoshoot planning


Paint a picture of your ideal user

Product Launch Plan

Plan your next great product launch

Photography Contact Sheet

Create an organized grid of images as a contact sheet.

Go-to-market Strategy

Document your path to market

Project Plan

Kickstart a new creative project

Kanban Board

Perfect for agile product teams

Pre production

Plan your next film project

Project Workflow

Track progress from start to finish

Customer Journey Map

Design better customer experiences

Beat Sheet

Map out your story using a 15 beat structure

Buyer Persona

Build up a profile of your ideal customer

Advertising Brief

Brief-in an advertising agency team 

Flow Chart

A flow chart is the perfect way to diagram a workflow

Communications Plan

Focus your message and reach your target audience