Templates to help plan your next visual art project

Whether you're a hobbyist, student or a professional artist, having a visual space to plan your art projects can help keep you focused. This template collection features a project plan, moodboard, brainstorming template and more making it easier to stay inspired and bring your ideas to life.

Visual Art Plan Template

A Project Plan template is the perfect place to start your next visual art project. Write an inspiring brief, brainstorm ideas, collect inspiration and gather all the research you need to create a beautiful finished piece.

Visual Art Brief Template

A detailed art brief serves as a crucial reference point for artists, ensuring you never miss an idea or detail. Document what you're trying to achieve, who it's for and what the perfect end result should be.

Visual Art Brainstorm Template

Visual art brainstorming is a great way to quickly write down ideas, generate new ones and transform an initial concept into something unique. Get every idea out of your head and in front of your eyes.

Visual Art Moodboard Template

Visual art moodboards allow you to collect inspiration, add reference images, and play with colors and themes to develop even more ideas.

Visual Art Research Template

A visual art research template can help you collect all the background information you need to fully understand your subject matter and concepts, adding layers of meaning and depth to your work.

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