Templates to bring your craft projects to life

Having a visual space to plan craft projects allows you to easily organize ideas, see your materials, and gather inspiration in a visually engaging way. Streamline your entire creative process from concept to creation. Milanote craft project templates include a project plan, moodboard, materials list and more, so you spend less time guessing and more time making.

Craft Project Plan Template

Streamline your craft-making projects with a comprehensive plan outlining the objectives, inspiration, materials and tasks you need to stay focused to make something amazing.

Craft Brainstorm Template

Generate new ideas and explore creative possibilities with a craft brainstorming template. Lay your ideas out where you can see them, sketch, see connections and explore possibilities.

Craft Moodboard Template

Collect visual inspiration, play with color, sketch, and save materials and textures in a craft project moodboard. Organize all the pieces to help bring the overall vision to life.

Craft Materials List Template

A craft materials list ensures you have all the necessary supplies before starting your creative endeavours, saving time and minimising interruptions. Make it easy to track inventory, restock and even sell your creations to the world.

Craft Project Timeline Template

Make a business selling your craft creations. A craft project timeline can enhance organization, and time management. They also help with resource preparation, giving you clear dates to work to and ensuring you'll always have enough stock available.

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