Visual planning for developers & engineers

Milanote is a flexible visual workspace for creating technical diagrams with more details and depth than ever before. Store code snippets, tasks, reference links and ideas all in the same place.

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Everything in one place

Typical software task boards are rigid and inflexible. Milanote lets you create your own workflow, add images to explain features, and share progress with your team. It's the ultimate birds-eye view to keep your vision on track.

Brainstorm ideas

Generating ideas is at the core of any creative profession. Milanote's flexible interface was designed to support all common brainstorming techniques and ideation sessions. Figure it out by yourself or capture your team's creative ideas in real-time.

Run a project retrospective

Project retrospectives take place in a dedicated window of time where you can review a completed project and learn from both its successes and failures. It's a great way for teams and organisations to improve their work going forward. Try our project retrospective template.

Plan user journey maps

Creating a user journey map can help you to design better products and services. By drilling down into the pain points and frustrations during a user experience, you can quickly identify what needs to change, and brainstorm possible solutions. When starting a new user journey map it can be inspiring to begin on a blank canvas, like opening up a new notebook. But if you want to start with a more traditional structure, you can use Milanote's user journey map template to help save you time.

Keep track of everything

Keeping track of your tasks in Milanote makes it easier to stay on track and get things done. Milanote is more visual and flexible than other task management tools, so you can build a workflow that matches your process. Try out our weekly plan template.

Secure and private

Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available. All of your data is hosted in an environment with world class security and privacy.

  • Real-time backups.
  • Notes encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Strict policies and controls to prevent Milanote staff from accessing your content.

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