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What is a mind map and why should I create one?

The great Steve Jobs once said "creativity is just connecting things", mind mapping is a time-tested approach to doing just that. A mind map is a diagram that starts with a central idea that you then branch out from. It's a creative technique that allows you to explore your ideas and make important connections between things.

More than just static text

Traditional mind mapping software focuses on static text connected by lines. But Milanote is different. Whilst you can still connect your ideas with lines, Milanote allows you to combine text, images, video and more to bring your thinking to life.

Simple drag and drop interface

Getting down your ideas shouldn't be time consuming. Milanote's easy to use interface let's you add content in seconds so you can focus on building your thinking, not learning how to use a new piece of software.

Start with a mind map template

When starting a new mind map it can be inspiring to begin on a blank canvas, like opening up a new notebook. But if you want to start with a more traditional structure, you can use Milanote's mind map template to help save you time.

Collaboration when you need it

Milanote can be a private place to think or a shared workspace for collaboration - you're in total control of who sees what.

  • Collaborate on boards in real-time
  • Invite team members to edit, comment or view-only
  • Export a high quality printable PDF

Access across all of your devices

All of the content you place in Milanote is synced to the cloud, so you never have to worry about forgetting to save, or keeping track of versions, ever again. Milanote lives online, which means that all of your content is instantly available across all of your devices.

  • Seamless real-time sync between devices.
  • Instant saving to the cloud.
  • Quickly add notes from your phone.

Quickly generate new ideas

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