Nine templates for planning and organizing a photoshoot

Creating a space to collect inspiration, visualize your ideas and plan upcoming photoshoots is a crucial step in the photography process. Whether you've just picked up a camera or you've long been in the industry, this collection of templates can be a useful way to inspire, brief, plan, and share your vision.

Photoshoot Plan Template

Plan and organize your upcoming photoshoot with a comprehensive photoshoot plan, detailing the creative concept, logistics, and deliverables to ensure a successful and well-executed shoot.

Photoshoot Brief Template

Capture the right photos with a detailed photoshoot plan that outlines the key elements such as location, props, wardrobe, and lighting, helping you stay organized and focused on capturing the perfect shots.

Photography Moodboard Template

Gather and visualize your photography inspiration and style with a photography moodboard, curating images, colors, and themes that convey the desired aesthetic and guide your creative direction.

Photoshoot Shot List Template

Stay organized and capture every essential shot with a photoshoot shot list, ensuring that all desired poses, angles, and compositions are covered during the session.

Model Brief Template

Communicate your vision and expectations to models effectively with a photography model brief, providing clear instructions on styling, poses, expressions, and any specific requirements to achieve the desired results.

Photography Workflow Template

Streamline your photoshoot process with an outline that steps through the activities from pre-production to post-production, ensuring a structured and efficient approach to your photography projects.

Photoshoot Call Sheet Template

Coordinate the logistics and details of your photoshoot effectively with a call sheet, providing essential information such as location, time, contact details, and roles of each team member, ensuring your shoot day runs smoothly.

Photography Contact Sheet Template

Review and select the best shots from your photoshoot with a photography contact sheet, allowing you to easily view and compare multiple images, making the selection process smoother and more efficient.

Photography Storyboard Template

Visualize and plan the storytelling and composition of your photoshoot with a photography storyboard, creating a visual sequence of shots and compositions that guide the narrative and artistic direction of your project.

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