Essential templates and tools to improve your brainstorming

Creativity thrives on both possibility and limitation. Milanote allows you to embrace constraints and explore potential with a shareable, free-form canvas. Whether a mind map or flow chart, discover and explore new ideas and directions for your next creative project with this brainstorming toolkit.

Brainstorming Template

Accelerate the brainstorming process and encourage collaboration by providing a structured framework that enhances idea generation and organization during workshops.

Mind Map Template

Enhance creativity and clarity with a mind map, enabling you to visually connect and organize thoughts, fostering better brainstorming, planning, and problem-solving.

Flow Chart Template

Streamline complex processes and improve visual communication using Milanote's flow chart template, simplifying workflows and decision-making for efficient understanding and execution.

Inspiration Library Template

Cultivate inspiration and creativity by curating an inspiration library. Collect and organize ideas, links, and images for easy access to inspire yourself or your team.

Design Exploration Template

Foster innovation and experimentation with with a flexible space to explore, refine, and visualize design ideas. Unlock new possibilities and push boundaries.

5 Whys Template

Analyze problems and identify root causes effectively with a 5 Whys template. Create a structured process to uncover deeper insights and drive impactful solutions.

Concept Map Template

Visualize complex concepts and relationships with a concept map, helping you organize and connect ideas, facilitating understanding, and effective communication of intricate topics.

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