Release notes

Milanote v1.4.9

18th July, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Fixed toolbar animation overlap
  • Fixed old browser page load bug

Milanote v1.4.8

10th July, 2019

What's changed

  • Major performance improvements to page load times
  • Moderate performance improvements across the app

Milanote v1.4.7

1st July, 2019

What's changed

  • New completed tasks style - they no longer have the strike through

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to load an empty board without any ability to navigate elsewhere

Milanote v1.4.6

26th June, 2019

What's changed

  • Major performance improvements when starting to edit existing cards
  • Minor performance improvements across the app

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some comment notifications from being sent

iPhone app v1.0.3

25th June, 2019

What's new

  • Tap on the title when viewing a board to edit its name and color
  • Board and column deletion – Deleted something accidentally? Login to the web and browse the trash!
  • New app icon, aligning it with the Milanote web app
  • When creating a link element, a helpful tip to enable the Milanote share extension is shown
  • All texts now support dynamic system font size

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash on adding caption to an image that has none
  • Fix token expiry not logging out the session correctly
  • Fix vertical alignment on notes
  • Fix text being cut off on cards within containers (columns or tasks)
  • Fix text selection over multiple lines not highlighting correctly
  • Fix dynamic font size causing to-do list checkboxes to be misaligned
  • Fix copying text from the app to a different app causing it to paste encoded data
  • Fix text missing from notes under certain formatting
  • Fix the content mode for image previews on links
  • Adjust the delete button from swipe-to-delete to center to the visible part of a long element

Milanote v1.4.5

19th June, 2019

What's changed

  • Improved copy and paste of text/images from Milanote to other applications
  • Removed the linear document PDF export
  • Links to Instagram posts are now resolved into images
  • The Quick notes popup now stays open when navigating between boards
  • Quotes are now wrapped in quotation marks

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing activity digest emails from being sent for some users
  • Improved the automatic selection of icons for boards with punctuation in the title
  • Fixed a bug that prevented boards from being dropped on the Templates toolbar item
  • Fixed a bug that caused some images in PDF exports to be mis-aligned
  • Fixed dragging a template that was highlighted by clicking a notification
  • Fixed the visibility of the Hyperlink toolbar item in Safari
  • Fixed a bug that prevented activity indicators for comments from being cleared

Milanote v1.4.4

6th June, 2019

Bug fixes

  • Improved error handing for individual elements, so an element with corrupt data won't break the whole application
  • Improved server-side reliability

iPhone app v1.0.2

29th May, 2019

What's new:

  • You can now create boards right from the app
  • Automatically convert Notes with only a single URL in the first line into Links
  • Added Help center and Live chat to the Account screen
  • Added delete completed button to the To-do list editing screen
  • Added the ability to swipe to delete to the To-do list editing screen

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed misaligned autocorrect highlight while editing a note
  • Hide irrelevant Google Sign in error
  • Updated the styling for a shortcut to a board. Distinct styling for: a shared board, a shortcut to a shared board, and a shortcut to a private board