Release notes

Milanote v3.1.4

18th May, 2022

What's new

iPad Beta & Safari features:

  • Long press to start a marquee selection (multi-select).
  • Double tap on the Apple Pencil to switch modes while drawing.
  • No drag delay if a card is already selected.

What's changed

  • Fixed exports occasionally coming back blank.
  • Minor bug fixes

iPad Beta & Safari fixes and improvements:

  • Prevent virtual keyboard from showing after dropping onto collapsed columns.
  • Double tap to create a new note should now correctly focus the new note.
  • Smoother scroll into view when a new note is dropped and the virtual keyboard overlaps it.
  • Made comment attaching less "sticky".
  • Comment button hit target size changes.
  • Allow scrollable comments to be dragged.

Milanote v3.1.1

28th April, 2022

What's changed

  • Fix bug where sketch card with caption is not editable
  • Touch device UX improvements
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements

Milanote v3.1.0

20th April, 2022

What's new

Sharing: A new board sharing experience. Designed to make it easier to choose how you share, and who you want to share with.


What's changed

Fixed a bug that caused issues with payment for some users.

Milanote v3.0.31

13th April, 2022

What's changed

  • Improve dark mode for billing dashboard
  • Security fixes

Milanote v3.0.29

5th April, 2022

What's changed

  • Allow images in the image modal to be dragged out of Milanote onto the desktop.
  • Allow collapsed columns to be dragged to the unsorted notes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented code blocks in Safari from being edited.
  • Show all editor avatars on boards that use the editable link
  • More touch interface drag and drop bug fixes.
  • Minor mac app bug fixes.

Milanote v3.0.28

29th March, 2022

What's changed

  • Replace Unsplash images with Pexels and add a "load more" button to image search
  • Allow the embed link to be enabled on sub-boards when published
  • Touch device drag and drop improvements
  • Touch device text focus improvements
  • Minor UI fixes and improvements

Milanote v3.0.27

16th March, 2022

What's changed

  • iPad dragging improvements
  • Minor iPad usability improvements
  • NOTE: No mac app updates

Milanote v3.0.26

9th March, 2022

What's changed

  • Initialisation time improvements
  • Fix to prevent the share modal closing in the mac-app when the edit link or read-only link is enabled

Milanote v3.0.24

2nd March, 2022

What's changed

  • Minor iPad improvements

Milanote v3.0.22

1st March, 2022

What's changed

  • Compliance with GDPR, LGPD and other privacy laws
  • Request consent from users for cookie usage

Milanote v3.0.21

23rd February, 2022

What's changed

  • Web app stability improvements

Milanote v3.0.20

16th February, 2022

What's changed

  • Improvements and bug fixes related to professional plan subscription management

Milanote v3.0.19

9th February, 2022

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug preventing users from opening inline link popup

Milanote v3.0.18

3rd February, 2022

What's changed

  • Allow collapsed comments and columns on published boards to be expanded by guest users
  • Minor touch interface improvements
  • Server stability improvements

Milanote v3.0.17

27th January, 2022

What's changed

  • Server stability improvements
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from signing up using Google Sign In on boards that used an editable link
  • Fixed collapsed comment positioning
  • Allow error cards to be draggable
  • Fixed subscription renewal errors when a user isn't logged in
  • Minor bug fixes, security improvements and tweaks

Milanote v3.0.16

19th January, 2022

What's changed

  • Image modal load improvements - prevent images from loading blurry on the first attempt
  • Updated the windows install page and app icon
  • Fixed the underline colour on coloured text
  • Fixed a bug where collaborator cursors would sometimes show up on the wrong, unrelated boards
  • Prevented drawings from changing position when saving them on the home board in the mac app
  • Improved the background colour of the document modal in dark mode
  • Enabled pasting text onto lines as labels
  • When creating new cards using Cmd+Return or Ctrl+Return, the new card will be the same width as the previous card
  • Exact created and modified timestamps will now be shown in a tooltip when hovering the times in a card's context menu
  • Various other minor fixes to iPad web behaviour, card duplication and minor security improvements.

Milanote v3.0.15

21st December, 2021

What's new

  • Image drawing: Images can now be drawn on top of using similar tools as the sketch cards

Milanote v3.0.14

15th December, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a regression that caused copied/duplicated task-lists or cards in columns to occasionally get lost.
  • Minor behind the scenes improvements to security and stability

Milanote v3.0.13

7th December, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor visual spacing improvements to Columns

Milanote v3.0.12

24th November, 2021

What's new

  • User preference to turn off the "ink effect" when drawing. When turned off, pressure or velocity will no longer change the width of drawn lines.
  • Prevent the drawing toolbar "Discard" and "Save" buttons from responding to touches if a "Pen" has been used to draw lines.

What's changed

  • Improved the support for transparent GIFs
  • Server side stability improvements
  • Minor tweaks to column heading line height