6 free templates for planning and organizing your podcast

Having a place to research, plan and organize your podcast is crucial. From raw idea to recording, this collection of templates spans the entire process so you can focus on delivering high-quality content for your listeners.

How to Start a Podcast Template

Use this template to map out your concept and episode format, define the audience, plan distribution, and more before you get started.

Episode Plan Template

Get a birdseye view of everything that goes into planning an episode—ideas, inspiration, research, and outline.

Episode Research Template

Organize your research in one place and see everything side-by-side. When you do this, new ideas and perspectives start to emerge naturally.

Episode Outline Template

This outline template is perfect for organizing your talking points, sequence and preparing to record. It's just like your wall of index cards, but portable.

Episode Script Template

If you prefer to reference a script as you record, use this template to map out the timing, sequence of talking points, and narration before you hit the studio.

Podcast Schedule Template

Once you've published a few episodes, you'll need a way to manage your workflow. This template will allow you to structure your process in a way that works for you.

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