Five visual templates for outlining your next novel

A novel outline is often described as a roadmap or blueprint for your story. It helps you see the big picture and plan the sequence of scenes, characters, and ideas that will become your novel. These templates are made for the 'visual' writers. Think of them as the modern, digital equivalent to the corkboard or wall of sticky notes, but much easier to manage.

Story Outline Template

Organize your key scenes and character development in a linear sequence. This is a flexible template that lets you drag and drop scenes to get the sequence just right.

Three Act Structure Template

The three-act structure is a classic creative technique used in film and literature since the time of Aristotle. It helps you plan your story at a high level in three parts (acts), often called the Setup, the Confrontation, and the Resolution.

Hero's Journey Template

The hero's journey is a classic framework for story writing where the protagonist embarks on a transformational journey. You'll recognize it as the path taken by iconic characters like Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter.

Story Arc Template

This template lets you map out the key plot lines over the traditional arc most stories follow. From the opening to the rising action, climax and resolution.

Story Map Template

The Story Map template asks five critical questions about your novel so that you can begin formulating a vision for it. It helps you see and analyse your vision from different, fresh perspectives.

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