Plan your next motion graphics project from start to finish

Having a space to collect inspiration, experiment with styles, and plan projects is invaluable to any professional animator or motion graphic designer. This collection of templates spans the entire creative process so can focus on doing great work.

Motion Design Project Plan Template

Streamline your motion design project with a comprehensive project plan, outlining objectives, timelines, and resources to ensure a well-structured and optimized production process that delivers engaging motion visuals.

Brainstorming Template

Fuel creativity and explore design possibilities with a motion design brainstorming template, allowing you to ideate, sketch, and conceptualize motion design ideas and concepts that align with your project goals.

Motion Design Brief Template

Craft a detailed motion design brief that effectively communicates client requirements, project scope, and design specifications, serving as a blueprint for creating visually stunning animations that captivate and engage your target audience.

Motion Design Moodboard Template

Curate a visually inspiring motion design moodboard that captures color schemes, styles, and visual references, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing design aesthetic that complements your motion design project.

Motion Design Storyboard Template

Visualize and plan the narrative and sequence of your motion design project with a storyboard, allowing you to map out key scenes, transitions, and key visual elements to enhance your storytelling.

Motion Design Style Frames Template

Create captivating motion design style frames that showcase the visual direction, typography, and color palettes of your project, enabling you to align stakeholders and guide the production process towards creating visually stunning motion visuals.

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