12 free storyboard templates that bring creative visions to life

Storyboards are a powerful way to visually organize your projects and collect feedback. This versatile technique can be applied to a variety of creative pursuits, from novel writing, fashion design, filmmaking, podcast production, website design, game development and more. Bring your creative project to life with one of these free storyboard templates.

Film Storyboard Template

Communicate how a scene will play out with the Film Storyboard Template. It will help you map out the visuals, narration and sequence of each scene in a fun and flexible way.

Motion Design Storyboard Template

The Motion Design Storyboard Template allows you to visually plan your project, helping you to organize your ideas and sequence of scenes. Drag and drop illustrations, screenshots, 3D renders or animated GIF files to convey the overall visual narrative.

Game Storyboard Template

Structure and communicate the flow of your next game with the Game Design Storyboard Template. You can use it to plan the layout and progression of levels, animations for a character or sequence of challenges.

Animation Storyboard Template

The Animation Storyboard Template allows you to visually map out your ideas, scenes, and transitions. It helps you see the big picture of your project and ensure your vision is effectively communicated.

App Storyboard Template

The App Storyboard Template allows you to visually map out the flow and navigation of your app. It helps you (and your team) understand how users will interact with your app so you can build a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Event Storyboard Template

The Event Storyboard Template helps you visually map out the flow and sequence of your event so you don't miss a thing. Drag and drop images, add notes, video, maps and more to plan your next unforgettable occasion.

Fashion Storyboard Template

A Fashion Storyboard Template allows you to visually present your design concepts and ideas. It helps you see how garments, accessories, and styling elements come together, so you can create something amazing.

Photography Storyboard Template

A Photography Storyboard Template can help you visualize and plan the shot list for your project. It allows you to map out the order, composition, and desired visuals for each shot, ensuring a cohesive and well-planned photography session.

Podcast Storyboard Template

The Podcast Storyboard Template helps you visually plan the format of each episode—including the introduction, transitions, interviews, music breaks, and conclusion. It lets to see how different elements come together so you can create a more engaging podcast.

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template

Whether you're pitching an idea, coordinating with a product team or just visualizing your story, the TVC Advertising Storyboard Template will help you plan it out in minutes. Drag and drop the narrative, sequence, and visuals of your commercial to see everything in one place.

UX Storyboard Template

Visually map out user journeys and interactions with the UX Storyboard Template. It's perfect for digital product or website and can help you understand the flow and identify pain points, ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive experience.

Video Storyboard Template

The Video Storyboard is a crucial step in pre-production that helps you plan your video scene-by-scene. It allows you to capture key details about characters, props, dialogue, camera angles, special effects and much more.

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