12 inspiring storyboard templates used by top creatives

Storyboards are a powerful way to visually organize your projects and collect feedback. This versatile technique can be applied to a variety of creative pursuits, from novel writing, fashion design, filmmaking, podcast production, website design, game development and more—so you can bring a creative project to life.

Filmmaking Storyboard Template

Communicate how a scene will play out with this film storyboard template that helps you arrange illustrations, location shots or comparable films.

Motion Design Storyboard Template

Plan how a motion design project will play out with panels featuring illustrations, screenshots, 3D renders or animated GIF files to convey the overall visual narrative.

Game Design Storyboard Template

Structure and communicate your next game design with this storyboard template comprised of illustrations, screenshots, 3D renders or animated GIF files.

Animation Storyboard Template

Use this template as a starting point to share your ideas and convey the narrative of your animation, scene by scene.

App Storyboard Template

Outline the overall structure and user journey across multiple screens to help create a seamless app experience.

Event Storyboard Template

Bring together various moving parts and visualize the mood, timings and details to create a remarkable event.

Fashion Storyboard Template

Convey the visual direction of your next fashion collection and share the narrative behind your design ideas.

Photography Storyboard Template

Visualize and plan an upcoming photoshoot to create a consistent look and feel.

Podcast Storyboard Template

Create an engaging podcast episode or plan an entire season with this storyboard template.

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template

Plan ahead and create a visual reference guide throughout the television commercial production process.

UX Storyboard Template

Provide context and visualize the user experience to uncover insights about various interactions with a product, service or design.

Video Storyboard Template

Get one of the most important steps of pre-production right with a template to help you plan your video, shot by shot.

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