Eight inspiring templates to plan your next website

Website design projects contain many parts, so having one place to collect inspiration, brainstorm ideas and write copy is crucial. This collection of templates spans the entire planning process, from brainstorming ideas to creating a sitemap so you don't miss a step.

Website Plan Template

Create a comprehensive website plan to outline your goals, target audience, content strategy, and technical requirements, ensuring a well-structured and optimized online presence for improved search engine visibility and user experience.

Website Brief Template

Craft a detailed website brief that effectively communicates client requirements, project scope, and design specifications, setting the foundation for a search engine optimized website that meets user needs and aligns with business objectives.

Customer Persona Template

Develop accurate and detailed personas to understand and target specific user demographics, behaviors, and preferences, allowing you to create SEO-friendly website content and design elements that resonate with your target audience.

Website Competitor Analysis Template

Conduct a thorough competitor analysis to identify keywords, SEO strategies, and user experience insights from competitors' websites, leveraging these insights to optimize your own website for higher search rankings and improved user engagement.

UI Moodboard Template

Curate a visually compelling UI moodboard that showcases your website's color palettes, typography, and design elements, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing user interface that supports your SEO efforts by enhancing user experience and engagement.

Website Brainstorming Template

Generate and organize website ideas in a structured format, allowing you to brainstorm and prioritize SEO-friendly content, design elements, and functionality that align with your website's goals and target audience.

Sitemap Template

Visualize the hierarchical structure and navigation of your website with a sitemap, enabling search engines to crawl and index your website's pages efficiently, resulting in improved search engine visibility and organic traffic.

Website Content Template

Strategically plan and optimize website content by utilizing a website content template, ensuring relevant keywords, valuable information, and engaging multimedia elements are incorporated to enhance SEO performance and provide a positive user experience.

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