8 UX Research Templates to Kickstart Your Design Projects

Starting design projects by talking to your customers is the best way to gain valuable insights and truly understand what they need. Milanote saves you time with built-in templates that assist with the research process. Below you'll find everything from a usability test plan to user journey maps so you can design effective websites.

UX Research Brief Template

Conduct effective user experience research with a comprehensive UX research brief, outlining the objectives, methodologies, and target audience for your research study, providing a roadmap for gathering valuable insights to inform your design decisions.

Usability Test Plan Template

Ensure a seamless and user-friendly digital experience with a usability testing plan, detailing the test objectives, scenarios, and evaluation criteria to identify usability issues and improve the overall user experience of your product or service.

User Interview Notes Template

Capture key insights and observations from user interviews with organized and structured user interview notes, allowing you to document user feedback, pain points, and preferences to inform your design and development process.

Usability Report Template

Evaluate the usability and effectiveness of your product or interface with a comprehensive usability report, presenting findings, recommendations, and actionable insights from usability testing to drive iterative improvements and enhance user satisfaction.

Persona Template

Develop a deep understanding of your target users and their needs with a well-defined persona, representing the characteristics, behaviors, and motivations of your ideal users to guide user-centered design decisions.

User Flow Diagram Template

Visualize and analyze the user journey and interactions with your product or interface using a user flow diagram, illustrating the paths, actions, and decision points to identify opportunities for optimization and a seamless user experience.

UX Storyboard Template

Storyboard the user experience to visualize and communicate design concepts, interactions, and user scenarios in a visual narrative format, helping to align stakeholders and guide the development of engaging and intuitive user interfaces.

Diary Study Template

Capture real-time user experiences and insights with a UX diary study, allowing users to provide feedback, thoughts, and observations throughout their interactions with a product or service, providing valuable qualitative data for understanding user needs and preferences.

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