8 Templates to Plan & Organize Your Market Research

Market research (or marketing research) helps you deeply understand your customers and target market. It's a group of activities that will uncover insights you can use to create better products and improve your marketing. These templates will help you organize every part of your market research project in one collaborative place.

Market Research Brief Template

The goal of any marketing research brief is to define the objectives in a way that a researcher can confidently build an appropriate study. This clarity will then lead to the 'right' research method used and consequent insights uncovered.

Brand Positioning Map Template

The Brand Positioning Map template (or Competitive Landscape) is perfect for identifying your opportunity in the market. It's a simple way to ensure your brand will stand out against your competitors.

Customer Persona Template

It's crucial to have a crystal clear picture of your ideal customer. Building a customer persona helps your team understand the people they're designing for. Use this template to map out your customer's goals, background and pain-points so you can design a brand or product that naturally appeals to them.

Market Research Template

How well do you understand the market you're designing for? The Market Research template is the perfect way build a complete picture of your industry and audience. Use it to collect insights about the competitors, links, customer research, trends, stats and more in one visual place.

SWOT Analysis Template

The SWOT framework helps you uncover your internal Strengths and Weaknesses plus external Opportunities and Threats. You can use it to assess your entire company, brand, marketing or an individual product. It is traditionally used by management teams but is also a great tool for brand strategy and marketing projects.

Moodboard Template

Before you begin designing your new brand or campaign, it's important that everyone involved agrees on the visual style. A moodboard lets you explore different directions in minutes. This template contains placeholders for images, video, color swatches and notes.

Diary Study Template

Understand a user's experiences, behaviour, and activities over time using the Diary Study research method.

Day in the Life of Template

The Day in the Life research technique lets you create a visually engaging timeline of a customer's day. The template allows you to create notes for research, lists of questions, and add images and videos to bring someone's habits and behaviours to life.

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