Eleven templates to start your next creative writing project

As writer Margaret Atwood put it, "If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word." Whether you are feeling stuck starring at a blank page or overwhelmed by hundreds of notes, this collection features novel plans, story maps, and character profiles to serve as your writing companion—from start to finish.

Novel Plan Template

Develop and structure your novel effectively with a comprehensive plan that outlines plot points, character arcs, and key events, providing a roadmap for crafting a compelling story and taking it to print.

Story Brainstorming Template

Unleash your creativity with a brainstorming session. Explore plot twists, characters, and scene details, and walk away with key ideas to start your next novel.

Novel Research Template

Conduct thorough research for your novel. Organize and document relevant information, ensuring accuracy and authenticity in your storytelling.

Story Map Template

Visualize the narrative flow and plot structure of your story with a story map. Outline key events, character interactions, and plot developments for a cohesive and compelling storytelling experience.

Story Outline Template

Outline the key elements of your story, including major plot points, character arcs, and themes, with a comprehensive story outline framework.

Character Profile Template

Dive deep into the personality and background of your character with a character profile, enabling you to craft well-rounded and believable individuals that resonate with readers.

Character Relationship Map Template

Create a visual representation of character relationships and interactions using a character mapping, offer a visual overview of the connections and dynamics between your story's key characters.

Three Act Structure Template

Structure your story effectively using the classic three-act structure, dividing your narrative into setup, confrontation, and resolution for a well-paced and engaging reading experience.

World Building Template

Build rich and immersive fictional worlds for your story, by outlining the geography, history, cultures, and rules of your story's unique universe.

Hero's Journey Template

Embark on the hero's journey with a framework that follows Joseph Campbell's monomyth, create the stages of a hero's transformative adventure and providing a solid foundation for your storytelling.

Novel Moodboard Template

Capture the visual and thematic inspiration for your novel with a moodboard, curate images, colors, textures, and references that evoke the desired mood and atmosphere for your story.

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