Five effective templates for running a creative agency

Building and growing a successful creative agency means overseeing many moving parts. This suite of templates helps you build a central hub for your entire team, set up creative briefs, and create project plans so that everyone can be on the same page—and focus on doing great work.

Agency Hub Template

Create a centralized hub for your agency's projects, tasks, and collaborations, streamlining communication and fostering efficient teamwork for seamless project management and successful client delivery.

Advertising Creative Brief Template

Craft a comprehensive advertising creative brief that outlines client objectives, target audience, key messaging, and desired outcomes, guiding the creation of impactful and persuasive advertising campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Marketing Campaign Moodboard Template

Curate a visually inspiring marketing campaign moodboard, capturing colors, visuals, and design elements that reflect the brand identity and set the tone for your campaign, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling marketing strategy.

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template

Visualize and plan the narrative and visual sequence of your TVC advertising campaign with a storyboard, allowing you to map out key scenes, camera angles, and visual elements to guide the production process and create engaging TV commercials.

Team Planner Template

Enhance collaboration and productivity with a team planner, providing a centralized space for team members to track tasks, assign responsibilities, and stay organized, ensuring efficient workflow management and successful project outcomes.

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