20+ inspiring creative brief templates

A compelling brief should inspire, inform and challenge creatives to do great work. Whether you're planning a new design, project or campaign, this template collection helps you create detailed, shareable briefs to get everyone on the same page.

Advertising Agency Briefs

Create a strong foundation for all your agency projects with multiple creative briefs to help you with market research, advertising, digital campaigns and media planning.

Design Studio Briefs

Communicate the direction of your next creative project with a collection of briefs for design, brand strategy, illustration and logo projects.

Marketing Briefs

Provide structure, guidance and direction across all parts of your marketing strategy with a collection of briefs tailored for social media campaigns, website design, SEO, press release, and events.

UX/UI Design Briefs

Start the UX/UI design process on the right foot with these detailed brief templates for UX research, UI design and app design.

Video, Film, Animation Briefs

Create a clear brief for your video, motion design or animation project to provide structure, guidance and direction for vision and ideas.

Photography & Interior Design Briefs

Set the direction and ensure you achieve the desired look and feel for an upcoming photoshoot or design project.

How to write an inspiring creative brief

A strong creative brief outlines the problem to solve and the path to get there. It gives your team the ingredients to do their most creative work without prescribing the solution.

Read our step-by-step guide on how to write a creative brief

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