20+ inspiring creative brief templates

A compelling brief should inspire, inform and challenge creatives to do great work. Whether you're planning a new design, project or campaign, this template collection helps you create detailed, shareable briefs to get everyone on the same page.

Advertising Campaign Brief Template

Streamline your advertising process with a comprehensive brief that clearly communicates campaign goals, target audience, messaging, and creative direction for effective ad campaigns.

Design Brief Template

Collaborate seamlessly with designers and clients by providing a clear design brief that outlines objectives, styles, deliverables, and project timelines, resulting in a clear vision for the project.

Brand Strategy Brief Template

Develop a strong brand strategy using a comprehensive brief that clarifies brand positioning, target audience, unique value proposition, brand voice, and visual identity guidelines, ensuring a consistent and powerful brand presence.

Media Planning Brief Template

Optimize your media planning efforts by using a concise brief to define campaign goals, target audience, media channels, budgets, and scheduling for efficient and effective media placements.

Digital Campaign Brief Template

Plan and execute successful digital campaigns with a detailed brief that outlines campaign objectives, target platforms, messaging, content strategy, and performance metrics for impactful online advertising.

Illustration Brief Template

Communicate your illustration requirements effectively by providing an illustrative design brief that outlines project objectives, style preferences, subject matter, and usage context.

Logo Brief Template

Create a strong visual identity by using a detailed logo brief that specifies logo requirements, design preferences, brand values, and application guidelines, resulting in a distinctive and memorable brand mark.

Marketing Brief Template

Streamline your marketing efforts with a well-crafted marketing brief that defines campaign objectives, target audience, messaging, channels, and success metrics, driving effective and impactful marketing initiatives.

Social Media Brief Template

Strategize and execute successful social media campaigns with a clear social media campaign brief that outlines campaign goals, target platforms, content strategy, tone of voice, and key performance indicators, maximizing social media engagement.

Website Design Brief Template

Collaborate seamlessly with web designers by providing a comprehensive website design brief that defines project goals, functionality requirements, design preferences, and user experience considerations.

SEO Brief Template

Boost your website's visibility using an effective SEO brief that outlines keyword research, on-page optimization, link-building strategies, and analytics tracking, improving search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Press Release Brief Template

Craft compelling press releases by utilizing a well-structured press release brief that outlines key messages, target audience, distribution channels, and desired media coverage, resulting in effective PR campaigns.

Event Brief Template

Plan and execute successful events with a detailed event brief that defines event objectives, target audience, budget, logistics, and branding requirements, ensuring memorable and seamless event experiences.

UX Research Brief Template

Conduct user-centered research using a comprehensive UX research brief that outlines research goals, methodology, participant profiles, and research questions that informs design decisions.

UI Design Brief Template

Collaborate seamlessly with designers using a clear UI design brief that provides design objectives, user interface requirements, style references, and interaction guidelines, resulting in visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

App Design Brief Template

Develop engaging and user-friendly app designs by using a comprehensive app design brief that outlines app objectives, target audience, functionality requirements, and user flow considerations, creating intuitive and delightful mobile experiences.

Video Brief Template

Create captivating video content with a well-defined video creative brief that outlines video objectives, target audience, messaging, visual style, storyboard, and key performance indicators, ensuring compelling storytelling through video.

Motion Design Brief Template

Inspire and guide motion designers using a detailed motion design brief that provides project goals, visual references, animation preferences, and desired motion effects, bringing visuals to life with dynamic and engaging motion graphics.

Animation Brief Template

Plan and execute animated projects with a concise animation brief that defines animation objectives, storytelling elements, style preferences, and technical specifications, resulting in engaging animated content.

Photoshoot Brief Template

Plan and execute a successful photo shoot with a comprehensive brief that outlines the creative concept, desired aesthetics, locations, shot list, and mood board, ensuring a cohesive and impactful visual storytelling experience.

Interior Design Brief Template

Achieve your desired interior design vision by providing a detailed brief that encompasses the project goals, functional requirements, desired ambiance, color schemes, furniture preferences, and layout considerations, resulting in a beautifully designed space that reflects your style and purpose.

Model Brief Template

Select the right model for the job by creating a concise brief that includes the project scope, look and feel, wardrobe requirements and poses, resulting in the correct casting who brings your vision to life.

How to write an inspiring creative brief

A strong creative brief outlines the problem to solve and the path to get there. It gives your team the ingredients to do their most creative work without prescribing the solution.

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