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Milanote helps you organize and manage your creative projects wherever your team is located.

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What is remote working and why should my team use Milanote?

More and more teams are working across countries, time-zones and locations. Milanote was designed from day-one to help creative teams collaborate on ideas, get organised and plan their next piece of award-winning work.

Create a central hub for your team

See everything in one place, no matter where you are. Bring together projects, strategy, operations and more so your team has everything at their fingertips. It's the ultimate remote-first project hub.
Live brainstorming

Run live brainstorming sessions with your team

Invite your team or clients to explore ideas together, wherever they're located. Instant updates mean your team can build on each other's ideas in real-time.

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Share boards and gather feedback

Milanote's built-in sharing, commenting and task-assignment makes collaboration easy.

  • You're in total control of who can edit, comment or give feedback on your boards.
  • Share a secret link to any board (no signup required to view).
  • Download a high-quality printable PDF of any board.
get notified

Get notified at the right time and never miss an update

Milanote's smart notifications and email alerts let you know when important changes have taken place within your boards. Indicators show you exactly what has changed since your last visit and who has seen the changes that you made.

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Access anytime, anywhere

All of your Milanote boards are synced to the cloud. This means no more forgetting to save and no more versioning issues.

All of your content within Milanote is instantly available across all of your devices, with native apps for both iOS and Android.

  • Seamless real-time sync between devices.
  • Instant saving to the cloud.
  • Quickly add notes from your phone.

Secure and private

Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available. All of your data is hosted in an environment with world class security and privacy.

  • Real-time backups.
  • Notes encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Strict policies and controls to prevent Milanote staff from accessing your content.

Organize all aspects of your next project in one place.

UX Project Plan Template
UX Project Plan Template, within the Milanote app

Define the plan and priorities for your team.

Team Planner Template
Team Planner Template, within the Milanote app

Run an online brainstorming session with your team.

Brainstorming Template
Brainstorming Template, within the Milanote app

Gather inspiration for your next illustration project.

Illustrative Moodboard Template
Illustrative Moodboard Template, within the Milanote app

Plan your next great product launch.

Product Launch Plan Template
Product Launch Plan Template, within the Milanote app

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