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Use this template

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It's not easy to produce groundbreaking creative work when you have deadlines looming. Unfortunately, tight schedules and limited resources are a fact of life in all modern agencies and creative departments.

To give yourself the best possible chance of a great finished product, you should make use of one of the most time-tested weapons in the creative arsenal: The creative brief.

The essential template for briefing-in a creative project

A good creative brief exists to inform a project team of all the important details of the work to be completed. The briefing document gives your client the opportunity to outline the deliverables, scope, timing and budget for the project. They can add in additional detail depending on the nature of the work to be completed. For example you may ask them to include references to similar work that they admire, a more detailed breakdown of the target audience or provide other constraints to help you and your team to focus your efforts more effectively.

We've gone ahead and pre-populated this creative brief template with an example project to give you an idea of what to include. Interested in other creative brief examples? Check out these design brief, advertising brief, event brief and interior design brief templates.

Sharing and collaboration is simple in Milanote. Once you've completed your own creative brief template, you can share a link to the board directly with clients.

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Use this template

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