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What is a storyboard and why should I create one?

A storyboard is the perfect way to plan your video, animation or presentation. Milanote lets you quickly map out the visuals, narration and sequence of each scene in a fun and flexible way. In minutes you can bring your story to life, re-arrange frames as it evolves, then share it with your team and move into production.

Bring your story to life

Milanote's infinite canvas is the perfect place to plan your story. Add and organize images, videos, notes and diagrams like never before.
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Simple drag and drop interface

Re-arranging frames is a breeze. Milanote's easy to use interface lets you update content in seconds so you can focus on creating amazing stories.

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Start with a template

Milanote boards don't have any restrictions—you can arrange things any way you like. But if you want to save time, start with a storyboard template.

  • Choose from dozens of different built-in templates tailored to the creative process.
  • Create custom templates to suit your workflow.
Milanote Image library

500,000 beautiful built-in images

Milanote integrates with Unsplash to give you instant access to a huge library of free professional photos to drag and drop into your boards.

  • Search for the perfect image by keyword.
  • Drag in your own images.
Add any type of content

Add videos, GIFs, files and more

Storyboards don't have to be static any more. With Milanote you can easily add videos, animated GIFs, PDFs, design files and more.

Moodboard collaboration

Faster collaboration

Milanote's built-in commenting, sharing and notifications make collaboration easy.

  • You're in total control of who can edit, comment or give feedback on your boards.
  • Share a secret link to any board (no signup required to view).
  • Download a high-quality printable PDF of any board.
sketch cards storyboard ideas

Sketch ideas & scenes

Grab the pen tool and bring your storyboard to life with Milanote's sketch cards. Draw a detailed idea for a scene or sketch a quick concept. It feels just like drawing on paper.

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How to make a storyboard

Follow these step-by-step guides to learn how to create amazing storyboards in Milanote. Alternatively, get started in minutes with a free storyboard template.

Learn how to make a storyboard

In this video you'll learn how to begin your storyboard, improve your process and organise a storyboard for presentation.

Visualize the structure for your next film.

Film Storyboard Template
Film Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Visualize the outline for your next ad campaign

TVC Advertising Storyboard Template
TVC Advertising Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Visualize the outline for your next motion graphics project.

Motion Design Storyboard Template
Motion Design Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Visualize the storyline for your next game.

Game Design Storyboard Template
Game Design Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

Visualize your next photography project

Photography Storyboard Template
Photography Storyboard Template, within the Milanote app

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