21 inspiring templates to create a stunning moodboard

A moodboard is a great way to collect inspiration and organize your ideas. Whether you're a designer, photographer, filmmaker or illustrator, this collection of moodboard templates will help you get started and share your vision for any creative project.

Graphic Design Moodboard Template

Explore new concepts and communicate the visual tone and direction for your next graphic design project with this moodboard.

Photography Moodboard Template

Arrange reference images, links, videos and color swatches to explore the direction of your upcoming photoshoot.

Fashion Moodboard Template

Bring your ideas, inspiration and designs together to create a vision for your next fashion project.

Illustration Moodboard Template

Experiment with this dynamic moodboard template to gather inspiration and explore new illustration concepts and styles.

Interior Design Moodboard Template

Collect product shots, photography, fabric and texture samples to bring your interior design ideas to life.

Film Moodboard Template

Set the visual direction for a film project and easily share your vision with other members of your production team.

Architectural Moodboard Template

Curate a collection of visuals, textures, materials, and color palettes that capture the desired aesthetic for your next architectural project.

UI Moodboard Template

Evoke the style your next UI project and arrange existing screenshots, videos, text and links with a dynamic moodboard template.

Inspiration Board Template

Explore your ideas to the fullest with this flexible inspiration board template that helps you collect images, video, text, and links for your next project.

Motion Design Moodboard Template

Gather inspiration and visualize your ideas before starting your next motion design project.

Brand Board Template

Create a reference guide for your unique style and set a clear vision for your brand story.

Character Design Moodboard Template

Gather and brainstorm visual details about your character including their appearance, interests, environment, and backstory.

Event Moodboard Template

Create a consistent theme and style for your event with a moodboard to explore possibilities.

Game Design Moodboard Template

Experiment with an aesthetic and collate ideas for your next game with a moodboard.

Logo Moodboard Template

Gather inspiration, brainstorm, and set a clear vision from the beginning of the logo design process.

Marketing Campaign Moodboard Template

Create consistent and impactful branding across marketing campaigns by starting with a moodboard.

Packaging Design Moodboard Template

Explore the visual direction of your product packaging design and make informed choices with a moodboard.

Vision Board Template

Figure out what's important to you and stay focused by keeping your life goals top of mind with a vision board.

Web Design Moodboard Template

Define a visual language for your web design project with a moodboard.

Wedding Moodboard Template

Collect inspiration and define the style for a wedding.

Novel Moodboard Template

Save inspiration & generate ideas for a novel.

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Moodboards are a great way to set the visual direction for a project. Modern moodboard templates can include video, motion, files or even sound. You can easily share them online with your clients or team for instant feedback. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating incredible-looking moodboards in minutes using Milanote—A free moodboard creator.

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