Fashion Moodboard Template

Fashion Moodboard Template, within the Milanote app

Set the mood for your next fashion project

A moodboard is a great way to set the visual direction for a new fashion project. It's an effective way to communicate your ideas quickly without having to produce new work—instead, arranging existing images, text and links to evoke the style that you're looking for.

A moodboard in Milanote doesn't need to be static. Milanote handles images, videos, links and text, so you can really bring your ideas to life. Bring your ideas, inspiration and mockups together and create a vision for your project. Building a dynamic vision for a project has never been easier, and with Milanote's integrated image search, you can find the perfect images without leaving your board.

Check out our guide to making moodboards in Milanote.

  • Explore ideas
  • Organize visually
  • Share with your team & clients
  • Gather feedback
  • Export to PDF

How to use this template

Whether you're a fashion designer shaping your latest collection or a stylist curating stunning looks, bring your vision to life with a Fashion Moodboard template in Milanote, a free tool loved by creative professionals.

1. Start with an empty template

Begin with an empty template. This provides placeholders to start adding inspirational images, color palettes, and textures to visualize your personal style, seasonal launch or next runway collection.

Image fashion moodboard Step1
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Start with an empty template

    Choose a template

    Each new board gives you the option to start with a beautiful template.

2. Collect existing material

Incorporate any existing materials you've gathered. These could be images from fashion magazines, runway snapshots, fabric swatches, or accessory ideas that help define your style. Easily drag these onto your board to kickstart the creative process.

Image fashion moodboard Step2
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Upload images from your computer

    Upload a file or document

    Click the "Upload" button or just drag a file onto your board. You can add images, logos, documents, videos, audio and much more.

  2. Crop images for the perfect placement

    Crop images

    Double-click an image and press edit to crop or rotate it.

3. Add inspiring imagery

Now, liven your moodboard even more with inspirational imagery. Utilize Milanote's extensive image library of photos, or search the web for striking visuals. Adding inspiring visuals will help you clearly convey your vision and ensure your final designs align with the theme of the end product.

Image fashion moodboard Step3
How to do it in Milanote
  1. Use the built-in image library

    Use the built-in image library

    Search over 3 million beautiful, free photos then drag images straight onto your board. Powered by Pexels.

  2. Save images from around the web

    Save content from the web

    With the Web Clipper installed, roll over an image (or highlight text), click Save, then choose the destination in Milanote. Return to your board and find the content in the "Unsorted" column on the right.

Pro tip:

Pay attention to the composition of your moodboard. Arrange your visuals in an appealing and balanced way. Consider color, shape, size, and spacing. Use a variety of image sizes and orientations (landscape and portrait) to create an interesting layout.

4. Add colors and fonts

Selecting the right colors helps you leave a lasting impression. Is your color palette seasonal or timeless? Choosing the right colors for your clothing line or accessories will help paint the mood and ambiance for your fashion collection. Incorporating typography can also add to the aesthetic, whether it's bold and modern type or elegant and classic.

Image fashion moodboard Step4
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Create a custom color palette

    Add a color swatch

    Drag a Color Swatch card onto your board from the left-hand toolbar. Double-click the swatch to choose a different color.

5. Share it with your team

Now, invite everyone involved in bringing your fashion vision to life to review your moodboard. Encourage them to add feedback and suggestions. Collaboration in the early stages of any project helps capture diverse perspectives and fuels creativity. Group thinking leads to a more refined and impactful final product.

Image fashion moodboard Step5
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Invite your team to leave feedback

    Invite editors to your board

    Open the "Share" menu from the title bar of your board. Add email addresses of the people you'd like to collaborate with—they'll receive an invitation via email.

  2. Leave comments and share your thoughts

    Start a comment thread

    Drag out a comment from the toolbar on the left and place it on your board. Other editors can reply to your comment.

You're done

With your fashion moodboard complete, you've crafted a visually captivating collection that captures the essence of your fashion vision. Moodboards are an indispensable reference point for yourself or your design team as they embark on transforming your ideas into a collection.

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