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Advertising Brief

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Use this template

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A carefully written creative brief is the foundation for all great advertising campaigns. Its job is to challenge creative teams to bring a single-minded proposition or key message to life in a novel and interesting way.

When gathering information from a client, you should start by documenting the most important business and communication objectives. After that, your focus is on crafting a single-minded proposition that distills all your research and insights into a single idea that seeks to solve a problem. Make it short, surprising, and help your creative team to see ideas immediately.

Completed Advertising Brief template in Milanote app

An ideal template for briefing-in an advertising creative team

The creative brief is the most important document that an ad agency possesses, and without it, you can forget about that Cannes Lions nomination. A great brief will get the brains of a creative team whirring away, and usually contains the following sections:

  • Client background
  • Objective
  • Target Audience
  • Brand voice
  • Insight
  • Single-minded proposition
  • Execution requirements
  • Budget and schedule

We've pre-populated this Milanote template with an example advertising campaign brief to give you an idea of what you might want to include.

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Use this template

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