Novel Plan Template

Novel Plan Template, within the Milanote app

The perfect workspace to plan your next great novel

This novel plan template is the perfect framework to brainstorming, plan and organize your next novel. To begin, you should start by documenting the most important objectives. You can also add information around characters, environments, story arcs and outlines, and anything else that might be useful to the project.

This template is part of the Writers collection.

  • Set the vision
  • Organize requirements
  • Share with your colleagues
  • Gather feedback
  • The perfect start for every story

Collect everything in one place

Milanote is the visual way to collect everything that powers your creative work. Simple text editing & task management helps you organize your thoughts and plans. Upload images, video, files and more.

Organize visually

Milanote's flexible drag and drop interface lets you arrange things in whatever way makes sense to you. Break out of linear documents and see your research, ideas and plans side-by-side.

Collaborate with your team

Milanote boards can be a private place to think, or a shared workspace for collaboration—you're in total control of who sees what. Instantly see your team's changes, leave comments, and never miss a thing with smart notifications and alerts.

Bring your characters to life.

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