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Organize the creative, messy part of writing alongside your favourite writing software.

The vast majority of writing software is organized around the idea of a linear document. But for most people, writing isn’t linear. Because thinking isn’t linear. Writing is about gradually getting a jumble of ideas into shape. Milanote's writing app matches the way writers think.

See everything in one place

Create a hub for your story and organize every part of it in one flexible place. It's the ultimate birds-eye view to keep your vision on track.
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Brainstorm and experiment

Linear word documents are great for your final output, but on day one you need a flexible space to explore your ideas.

  • See the connections between your ideas and characters
  • Combine text, images and video
  • Create mind maps to explore new directions
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Bring your characters to life

Use the Milanote Character template to define the specific traits of your characters then map the connections between them. You'll revisit these boards again and again as your story takes shape.

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A faster way to research

The Milanote web clipper lets you instantly save text, images, videos or links from any website. It also saves the source of everything you collect.

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Outline in a flexible way

Milanote lets you see your story structure at a glance—just like your wall of index cards, but portable. Easily drag and drop to rearrange the key parts as your story comes to life. It's the perfect companion to your manuscript.

Secure and private

Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available. All of your data is hosted in an environment with world class security and privacy.

  • Real-time backups.
  • Notes encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Strict policies and controls to prevent Milanote staff from accessing your content.

Organize your ideas & planning in one place.

Novel Plan Template
Novel Plan Template, within the Milanote app

Bring your characters to life.

Character Profile Template
Character Profile Template, within the Milanote app

Plan your story outline, plot & scenes

Story Outline Template
Story Outline Template, within the Milanote app

Collect & organize your research.

Research Template
Research Template, within the Milanote app

Turn an initial idea into something amazing.

Brainstorming Template
Brainstorming Template, within the Milanote app
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Plan your next story

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