Release notes

Milanote v2.0.6

24th March, 2020

What's changed

  • Desktop minor bug fixes
  • Mobile web minor bug fixes.

Milanote v2.0.5

12th March, 2020

What's changed

  • Performance: Improved JavaScript bundling - reducing its size and increasing its speed.
  • Minor bug fixes

Milanote v2.0.4

4th March, 2020

What's new

  • Preference to change heading fonts to simple (sans-serif) fonts - this can improve the experience for some languages
  • The ability to empty your personal trash

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented user details from loading on secret link boards
  • Minor style improvements

Milanote v2.0.3

26th February, 2020

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Mac App to crash when exporting boards.
  • Improved text editing in to-do lists
  • Shortcut: "Control+Shift+Up" (Cmd+Shift+Up on Macs) will navigate up one level in the board hierarchy.
  • Multiple emails can now be pasted into the board invite & team plan modals.
    They should be comma separated, e.g. ","
  • Many more file types can now be uploaded to Milanote.
  • Many minor bug fixes and improvements

Milanote v2.0.2

19th February, 2020

What's changed

  • Performance: Boards with a large number of cards in unsorted notes will load and navigate quicker.
  • Performance: New cards and boards will be quicker to create.
  • Other minor performance and stability improvements.

Milanote v2.0.1

12th February, 2020

What's changed

  • Performance: Boards with a large number of cards on the canvas will load and navigate quicker.
  • Performance: The browser should no longer stall when opening an image on boards with a large number of cards.
  • Security: Email notification when a log-in occurs from a new device.
  • Other minor performance improvements.

Milanote v2.0.0

5th February, 2020

What's new

  • Redesigned interface & interactions
  • Dark mode
  • Background colours for boards
  • New colours
  • The ability to turn off the grid
  • Many minor improvements & bug fixes

Milanote v1.6.4

22nd January, 2020

What's new

  • High quality PDF exports: Pro users can now choose to export PDFS with original-quality images embedded — perfect for printing
  • Middle mouse scrolling: Click-and-drag with your middle mouse button to move around the canvas (you can also hold the spacebar)

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent resetting password on an iPhone with the Milanote app installed
  • Improved the reliability of fetching custom template details

Milanote v1.6.3

8th January, 2020

What's changed

  • Template Picker: added a toggle to allow keeping example content when using a template
  • Image modal: Image captions now appear below the image instead of overlaid
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some Google accounts to log in to the Mac app
  • Fixed a bug that prevented right-clicking to paste a url into a Link card

Milanote v1.6.2

19th December, 2019

What's changed

  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Milanote v1.6.1

5th December, 2019

What's changed

  • Minor bug fixes and updates

Milanote v1.6.0

25th November, 2019

What's new

  • New template picker — it's now available each time you create a new board. The experience of browsing and previewing templates has been improved and we now have 100+ templates for every type of creative project.

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that caused too many "@" symbols in front of names in mention emails

Milanote v1.5.6

30th October, 2019

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that caused errors when pasting links on the mobile website

Milanote v1.5.5

23rd October, 2019

What's changed

  • Improvements to reliability of drag & drop
  • Fixed an bug which prevented color swatch card changes from being saved
  • Fixed zoom keyboard shortcuts in Mac app
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut for mentions on some European keyboards

Milanote v1.5.4

16th October, 2019

What's changed

  • Search remains open while checking each result to make browsing boards easier

Milanote v1.5.3

10th October, 2019

What's changed

  • Editing on Android devices should be significantly improved
  • Rotated images that are uploaded via the iPhone share extension will now be rotated to the correct orientation
  • Fixed a bug causing links to video content (such as YouTube and Vimeo) to autoplay
  • Text toolbar options are now shown when text is selected in tasks

Milanote v1.5.0

25th September, 2019

What's new

  • Image editor:
    Images can now be cropped and rotated from the image slideshow view.
    Double-click an image to view full screen, then edit.

What's changed

  • Task lists can now be resized
  • Updates to the Milanote MacOS app in preparation for MacOS 10.15
  • Improvements to link detail fetching and display
  • Improvements to board listing in the Chrome Web Clipper
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Milanote v1.4.17

23rd September, 2019

What's new

  • Task due dates & assignments:
    Tasks can now have due dates set with reminder notifications.
    If the tasks are assigned to a user only that user will receive the reminder notifications.

What's changed

  • Improvements to the download button on files, allowing them to be manually downloaded or opened in a new tab
  • Minor bug fixes

Milanote v1.4.16

12th September, 2019

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that prevented long form notes from being opened
  • Fixed a bug that caused some errors when duplicating boards

Milanote v1.4.15

11th September, 2019

What's new?

  • Image slideshow: Double clicking on images now opens within a modal in Milanote and other images on the board can be shown using the arrow keys.

What's changed

  • Video files are now downloaded rather than opening in a new tab
  • A zoom bug resulting in empty space to the left of boards has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused lines to disappear when one edge was connected to a card