Release notes

Milanote v2.2.35

31st March, 2021

What's changed

  • Allowed board titles in wide columns to fill the available space.
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating published boards that made the duplicate board also appear to be published.
  • Removed auto-hyperlink creation for URLs within code blocks / inline code styles.
  • Improved inline code style editing support, allowing inline code styles to be exited by pressing space twice at the end of the style.
  • Cards that get automatically converted into link cards when a hyperlink is added can now be undone to return to the original card without the link image or caption.
  • Fixed minor UI bugs when multi-dragging cards and undoing comments.

Milanote v2.2.34

17th March, 2021

What's changed

  • We've improved support for exporting boards in a number of languages. Now you can export boards with text in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, and Urdu. We've also improved exporting of text with diacritics and added support for exporting Emojis 🎉
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Word Document exports
  • Fixed a bug when subscribing to a Pro plan after previously unsubscribing
  • Re-instated the Strikethrough toolbar button
  • Improved the appearance of Tasks when dragging them

Milanote v2.2.33

3rd March, 2021

What's new

  • Search has been enabled for all users! 🔍

What's changed

  • Comment threads won't have maximum heights by default. They will only be restricted when explicitly resized.
  • Fixed up an issue when claiming a team subscription.

Milanote v2.2.32

24th February, 2021

What's new

  • Column width's can now be resized.
    Double clicking on the column's resize handle will return it to its original size.
  • Selecting, then deselecting cards that have notification indicators will now clear the indicator.
  • Performance improvements for boards with many elements within Chrome browsers.

What's changed

  • The help chat now works in the Mac app.
  • Fixed a bug with collapsed comments in the trash.

Milanote v2.2.31

18th February, 2021

What's new

  • Comments can now be attached to cards!
    Just long hover a card and the comment will collapse into a pin that can be connected to the card.
  • Comments can also be collapsed into a pin on the canvas, using the collapse tool.
  • Comments can also now be resized.

Milanote v2.2.30

2nd February, 2021

What's changed

  • More server side performance improvements

Milanote v2.2.29

27th January, 2021

What's changed

  • Server side performance improvements

Milanote v2.2.28

18th January, 2021

What's changed

  • Server side performance improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Milanote v2.2.27

14th January, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor server-side bug fixes

Milanote v2.2.26

13th January, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor server-side bug fixes

Milanote v2.2.25

6th January, 2021

What's changed

  • Performance improvements to quick notes & boards with many columns or tasks.
  • Fix facebook link unfurling for published boards.
  • Show selected reactions in the reactions popup.
  • Many minor error and stability fixes.

Milanote v2.2.24

7th December, 2020

What's new

  • New text styles: Text can now be coloured or have different highlight colours, it can be centre aligned and there's also new paragraph / block style "Large heading" and "Small text".
  • Image / File drop: Images / files will be aligned in a masonry layout when dropping onto boards, based on the width of the canvas.
  • Mentions / assignment: When the mention or assignment popup is initially shown, users will be ordered by the number of boards you share with them.

What's changed

  • "Connect with Lines" is back by popular demand, with an improved connection algorithm and a toolbar button when multiple cards are selected.
  • Minor UI bug fixes.

Milanote v2.2.23

1st December, 2020

What's new

  • Improved the to-do list editing experience - allowing tasks to be split mid-line using "return" or joined to the previous or next tasks using backspace at the start of the line, or delete at the end of a line.

What's changed

  • Simplified the display of card creation and modification times in the context menu.
  • The default line colour is lighter in dark mode to provide more contrast with the canvas and cards.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly caused captions to be created on images while viewing them in the image modal.
  • Behind the scenes error handling improvements.
  • Fixed a bug when switching users in the Mac app.
  • Improved the speed that preview images are shown in board share emails.
  • Fixed unfurling of Instagram links, so the correct image is now returned.

Milanote v2.2.22

24th November, 2020

What's new

  • Board, link and column titles can now have soft-newlines added, using "Shift+Return".
  • Images with captions or colour bars can now also be transparent, if the image supports transparency.

What's changed

  • Prevented a bug in the Mac app which caused occasional crashes
  • Fixed a bug in the alignment and distribution functions
  • Made the code block shortcut behave the same as the code toolbar button
  • Fixed a bug that caused the current board title to get stuck
  • Prevent certain shortcuts from firing twice after logging out and logging back in
  • Show the avatars and names of user comments in exports.

Milanote v2.2.21

18th November, 2020

What's changed

  • When connecting columns that are aligned at their tops, with lines, the lines will now be aligned to the titles of the columns.
  • Under the hood improvements to billing and sharing.

Milanote v2.2.20

5th November, 2020

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug in the Pro team management popup that caused the new members suggestions to appear over the input on small screens
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when adding team members in the Pro team management popup
  • Improved exporting of lines connected to boards, or to cards inside columns

Milanote v2.2.19

29th October, 2020

What's changed

  • Modernised the account popup styles
  • Improve line control point snapping to make it feel smoother
  • Fix a lines bug that caused Milanote to crash if two cards overlapped
  • Fix a bug that could cause column contents to reshuffle
  • Improve the reliability of high quality board exports

Milanote v2.2.17

20th October, 2020

What's new

Lines updates: Major changes to lines are now available, with the most noteworthy listed below.

  • Labels can be added to the centre point / control point of lines. Select a line and start typing, or use the "Label" button in the toolbar.
  • A line's weight can now be made thin or thick.
  • Lines can now be dashed.
  • Lines can be connected to specific points on cards by long hovering the card, then choosing the connection point.
  • Lines can be connected to cards inside columns, by long hovering the column and then choosing the card to connect to.
  • Lines can now be created from a card or board by selecting the card / board and using the "quick line tool" in the top right corner of the card or board.

There's also been many usability improvements for lines, including:

  • More accuracy when selecting lines with the selection marquee.
  • Preventing lines that overlap other cards from blocking clicks to the cards beneath.
  • Nicer line curves when the control point gets close to the card they're connecting to.
  • Improved accuracy when dropping line endpoints.
  • Lines no longer overlap board titles for boards that they connect to.
  • Many more minor improvements when dragging connected lines.

Breadcrumb improvements

  • Long breadcrumbs will be collapsed when they overflow, on boards that are not in your workspace.

Milanote v2.2.16

13th October, 2020

What's changed

  • More behind the scenes line improvements
  • Bug fix when dropping content into columns in unsorted notes.

Milanote v2.2.15

6th October, 2020

What's changed

  • Behind the scenes line improvements