Release notes

Milanote v3.0.16

19th January, 2022

What's changed

  • Image modal load improvements - prevent images from loading blurry on the first attempt
  • Updated the windows install page and app icon
  • Fixed the underline colour on coloured text
  • Fixed a bug where collaborator cursors would sometimes show up on the wrong, unrelated boards
  • Prevented drawings from changing position when saving them on the home board in the mac app
  • Improved the background colour of the document modal in dark mode
  • Enabled pasting text onto lines as labels
  • When creating new cards using Cmd+Return or Ctrl+Return, the new card will be the same width as the previous card
  • Exact created and modified timestamps will now be shown in a tooltip when hovering the times in a card's context menu
  • Various other minor fixes to iPad web behaviour, card duplication and minor security improvements.

Milanote v3.0.15

21st December, 2021

What's new

  • Image drawing: Images can now be drawn on top of using similar tools as the sketch cards

Milanote v3.0.14

15th December, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a regression that caused copied/duplicated task-lists or cards in columns to occasionally get lost.
  • Minor behind the scenes improvements to security and stability

Milanote v3.0.13

7th December, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor visual spacing improvements to Columns

Milanote v3.0.12

24th November, 2021

What's new

  • User preference to turn off the "ink effect" when drawing. When turned off, pressure or velocity will no longer change the width of drawn lines.
  • Prevent the drawing toolbar "Discard" and "Save" buttons from responding to touches if a "Pen" has been used to draw lines.

What's changed

  • Improved the support for transparent GIFs
  • Server side stability improvements
  • Minor tweaks to column heading line height

Milanote v3.0.11

16th November, 2021

What's new

  • Added a keyboard shortcut "D" to enter drawing mode.
  • Drawings can now be exported as SVG by using the "Download SVG" context menu item.

What's changed

  • Improved security for OAuth Sign In registrations
  • Behind the scenes minor bug fixes

Milanote v3.0.10

9th November, 2021

What's new

  • Cards have been redesigned to sit within grid points, making it easier to create cleaner layouts with consistent spacing.
  • This includes images, which are now cropped to sit within grid points.
    To turn off the cropping right click on an image and uncheck "Crop Image to Fit Dot Grid".

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that would collapse comments when trying to click on a mention. Now the comment popup will remain expanded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused columns to shift up when dragging children out of them.
  • Minor UI and behind the scenes improvements.

Milanote v3.0.9

29th October, 2021

What's changed

  • Security and bug fixes

Milanote v3.0.8

22nd October, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed issue where users are occasionally directed to blank page on the login screen.

Milanote v3.0.7

20th October, 2021

What's changed

  • Improved image uploads for SVGs and GIFs.
  • Fixes to content limit not updating immediately when subscribing to a Pro plan.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the app to crash for some users.
  • Cosmetic fixes and tweaks.

Milanote v3.0.6

15th October, 2021

What's changed

  • Improvements to the card-overlapping algorithm to avoid unintended card moves.
  • Avatar is now displayed correctly in Activity Digest emails
  • Fixed issue with missing content when dropping cards to alias boards

Milanote v3.0.5

7th October, 2021

What's new

  • When dropping cards onto empty boards they will be moved to the canvas of the empty board and keep their orientation, rather than being sent to the unsorted notes.
  • Creating a new card by pressing Command+Return (or Control+Return) while editing another card should now push cards below down to make space for the new card.

What's changed

  • Improvements to the card-overlapping algorithm to avoid unintended card moves.
  • Multiple images can now be uploaded again via the "Upload an image" button in the "Add image" popup.
  • Only show a preview of PDFs in the mac app due to issues with the PDF viewer.

Milanote v3.0.4

1st October, 2021

What's new

  • Cards in quick notes are now searchable through the search popup
  • You can now replace preview image of file or link cards, either by selecting "Replace image" in card's right-click menu, or long hover and dropping an image file/card onto the card preview
  • Multiple cards can now be reacted to at once

What's changed

  • Improvements to overlapping cards algorithm
  • Fix an issue where copy and pasting from Illustrator can kill boards
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements

Milanote v3.0.2

23rd September, 2021

What's new

  • There's now preferences to disable the card helper-tips that suggest adding a title, or converting to a document, etc.

What's changed

  • Fixes to some task editing bugs such as new tasks being created at the wrong position, pressing return at the start of tasks no longer moves the current task below sub tasks and some improvements to undo & redo.
  • If a card has styled text (e.g. a heading or numbered list, etc.) then it will no longer convert into a different card (e.g. swatches or links) when that text content is added.
  • Fixed code text styles in document previews.
  • Comments will no longer be automatically sent when a pinned comment is collapsed.
  • Images uploaded from the iPhone will now crop correctly.
  • Fix a bug where the "Keep this copy in sync?" tip would show even after clicking "yes"

Milanote v3.0.1

15th September, 2021

What's changed

  • New audio player styling
  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate columns multiple times if multiple columns are selected when pasting other columns
  • Improved drag & drop when boards are in columns by making it easier to drop in between boards
  • Allowed comment threads to be dropped into boards within columns
  • Fixed to-do list helper tips, such as "Add a task to this list?" and "Delete completed tasks?"
  • Removed placeholder text in canvas exports
  • Many other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Milanote v3.0.0

7th September, 2021

What's new

This update is all about adding new ways to express your ideas visually. Here's what we've added:

  • A new drawing tool to sketch ideas, markup designs and create storyboards
  • Improved color swatches
  • Video and Audio cards for saving inspiration from around the web
  • Documents, for when you want to write more than just a quick note (replaces long-form notes)
  • Improvements to files - they can now be switched between an icon or a preview mode
  • A customizable toolbar (one for the power users!)
  • Plus more minor features and behind the scenes improvements

Milanote v2.4.1

2nd September, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause duplications to get lost.
    E.g. Copying to-do lists would often result in some of the tasks not being copied correctly. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Milanote to crash when cards with significant amounts of content are copied.
  • Further preparation for upcoming features.

Milanote v2.3.2

30th August, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor cosmetic changes & bug fixes
  • Preparation for upcoming features

Milanote v2.3.0

19th August, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed broken preview images & improved performance of previews
  • Minor security enhancements
  • Preparation for upcoming features

Milanote v2.2.49

22nd July, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed iPhone push notifications to published boards
  • Minor backend stability improvements