Release notes

Milanote v3.0.1

15th September, 2021

What's changed

  • New audio player styling
  • Fixed a bug that would duplicate columns multiple times if multiple columns are selected when pasting other columns
  • Improved drag & drop when boards are in columns by making it easier to drop in between boards
  • Allowed comment threads to be dropped into boards within columns
  • Fixed to-do list helper tips, such as "Add a task to this list?" and "Delete completed tasks?"
  • Removed placeholder text in canvas exports
  • Many other minor UI tweaks and bug fixes

Milanote v3.0.0

7th September, 2021

What's new

This update is all about adding new ways to express your ideas visually. Here's what we've added:

  • A new drawing tool to sketch ideas, markup designs and create storyboards
  • Improved color swatches
  • Video and Audio cards for saving inspiration from around the web
  • Documents, for when you want to write more than just a quick note (replaces long-form notes)
  • Improvements to files - they can now be switched between an icon or a preview mode
  • A customizable toolbar (one for the power users!)
  • Plus more minor features and behind the scenes improvements

Milanote v2.4.1

2nd September, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that would occasionally cause duplications to get lost.
    E.g. Copying to-do lists would often result in some of the tasks not being copied correctly. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Milanote to crash when cards with significant amounts of content are copied.
  • Further preparation for upcoming features.

Milanote v2.3.2

30th August, 2021

What's changed

  • Minor cosmetic changes & bug fixes
  • Preparation for upcoming features

Milanote v2.3.0

19th August, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed broken preview images & improved performance of previews
  • Minor security enhancements
  • Preparation for upcoming features

Milanote v2.2.49

22nd July, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed iPhone push notifications to published boards
  • Minor backend stability improvements

Milanote v2.2.48

14th July, 2021

What's changed

  • Improvements to image uploads

Milanote v2.2.47

23rd June, 2021

What's changed

  • Server side stability improvements

Milanote v2.2.46

10th June, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that disabled search functionality on Safari
  • Fixed a bug that caused a startup issue on older browsers
  • Fixed a bug that disabled arrow key shortcuts for task assignments
  • Significantly reduced JavaScript file sizes - resulting in quicker page loads
  • Other minor UI fixes.

Milanote v2.2.45

2nd June, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed letter spacing issues in PNG & PDF exports & support newer emojis.
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the colour popup.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally stopped marquee selection from working in unsorted notes.
  • Other minor UI fixes.

Milanote v2.2.44

25th May, 2021

What's new

  • Editable/published board links will now be shown in the URL, even for the users that do not need them to view the board. This is to make it easier to share the links that other users need to view the board.
    NOTE: If both the editable link and published links are enabled on the same board, the editable link will be favoured in the URL.

What's changed

  • "Quick search" improvements: When searching for boards, each word will match each board title word, rather than having to exactly match the board title.
  • Fixed a bug where a remote selection indicator for your own user would occasionally show when selecting a card.
  • Improved cut and paste between tabs for columns or to-do lists.
  • Inline links to Milanote boards will now load in the current window rather than a new tab.
  • Minor UI bug fixes and improvements.

Milanote v2.2.42

19th May, 2021

What's changed

  • Native files can now be dropped into columns, boards, quick notes and unsorted notes, rather than just the canvas.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevents custom templates from showing.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped the auto shift feature from working when new cards are dragged out, rather than created by double clicking.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause clone cards to crash if they were created in a specific order.
  • Allow published boards to be opened in new tabs.
  • Fixed a bug with email preferences for assignment emails.
  • Other minor bug fixes and UI enhancements.

Milanote v2.2.41

12th May, 2021

What's changed

  • Many minor bug fixes and server stability improvements.

Milanote v2.2.40

5th May, 2021

What's new

  • View PDFs in app: (web only) PDFs can now be viewed within a modal popup in Milanote in the browser, meaning you no longer need to download PDFs to view them.

What's changed

  • Improvements to the automatic colours that are chosen based on the images on a board.
  • New default colour palettes for boards that don't have images.
  • Improvements to the auto-shift algorithm.
  • Page load improvements.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Milanote v2.2.39

28th April, 2021

What's new

  • Note background colors: Notes can now have background colors! Pick from the default colors, custom colors or the board's suggested colors.
  • Suggested colors: When you add images to a board, the color picker will now suggest colors for your boards and cards based on the colors in the images.
  • Updated color picker: The color picker has been revamped to support the new background colors and suggestions, and to make it clearer how the color will be applied to each of your elements.
  • Boards now automatically use the suggested colors, and will update as those suggested colors change.
  • Invite from the mention popup: When mentioning someone you don't currently share a board with, you can easily invite them to collaborate from the popup.
  • Mark all notifications as read button: There's now a button to mark all notifications as read. Get rid of all those red dots in one click 🎉

What's changed

  • Combined Text style menu: The text color and text style menus have been combined, to make it easier to find both all formatting options in one place.
  • Notes show a transparent option in the background color of the color picker. This replaces the "Make transparent" option in the context menu.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a Note to crash when it has a clone, and the "@" mention popup is used.
  • Improved reliability of Mac App when reopening, and when downloading updates.
  • Improvements to server stability.

Milanote v2.2.38

21st April, 2021

What's new

  • Collapsible columns: Columns can now be collapsed to just the heading section, using the collapse/expand toggle in the top right of columns (shown on hover).
  • Unsorted notes marquee select: You can now use a drag marquee style of selection in the unsorted notes.

What's changed

  • Indent/Un-indent tools are now shown in the toolbar for to-dos.
  • Minor usability improvements

Milanote v2.2.37

15th April, 2021

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug causing long form notes to not display their text content, when viewed on the canvas.

Milanote v2.2.36

14th April, 2021

What's new

  • Shift cards on overlap - When editing cards, or changing the contents of columns, if they overlap cards below, the cards below will be pushed down, out of the way. If the card or column then becomes shorter, it will pull those cards back up.
    This can be disabled in the Account settings - Preferences tab using the "Prevent cards from overlapping" toggle.
  • WebP image support - WebP images uploaded to Milanote will now be treated like other image formats, such as JPEG and PNG.
    Note: To ensure support across all devices resized versions of the image will be converted to JPEG.
  • Marquee deselection - When using the marquee selection on the canvas, pressing shift/command will now allow currently selected cards to be deselected while still allowing unselected cards to become selected.
  • Clone cards - Duplicate (alt/option + drag) or copy & paste a single card and receive the option to keep the cards in-sync.

What's changed

  • Fixed a bug that showed deleted boards in the recently viewed list, or share list on iOS and the web clipper.
  • Fixed a bug where some lines wouldn't appear in PDF exports.
  • Prevented tasks from capturing focus when multi-selecting, improving their drag and drop experience.

Milanote v2.2.35

31st March, 2021

What's changed

  • Allowed board titles in wide columns to fill the available space.
  • Fixed a bug when duplicating published boards that made the duplicate board also appear to be published.
  • Removed auto-hyperlink creation for URLs within code blocks / inline code styles.
  • Improved inline code style editing support, allowing inline code styles to be exited by pressing space twice at the end of the style.
  • Cards that get automatically converted into link cards when a hyperlink is added can now be undone to return to the original card without the link image or caption.
  • Fixed minor UI bugs when multi-dragging cards and undoing comments.

Milanote v2.2.34

17th March, 2021

What's changed

  • We've improved support for exporting boards in a number of languages. Now you can export boards with text in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Thai, and Urdu. We've also improved exporting of text with diacritics and added support for exporting Emojis 🎉
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent Word Document exports
  • Fixed a bug when subscribing to a Pro plan after previously unsubscribing
  • Re-instated the Strikethrough toolbar button
  • Improved the appearance of Tasks when dragging them