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User Journey Map

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Use this template

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A user journey map helps you to develop better solutions to client problems. Through the process of studying the buying process, you can uncover bad UX and ultimately make better design decisions.

Completed User Journey Map template in Milanote app

The perfect template for UX journey mapping

By honing-in on the specific issues that flag during a customer's experience, you can rapidly determine what needs to change. A user journey map can completed at a both a macro or a micro level, and typically features:

  • Audience persona
  • Journey stages
  • Channels and devices
  • How the customer feels vs. should feel
  • Solutions & opportunities

It's best practice to continually update and review the user journey map over time. Just because something works now doesn't mean that it will continue to work in the future as behaviour changes. You may find it useful to complete a brainstorming session with the outputs of your user journey map.

This template has been pre-populated with a sample user journey to show you how it should look.

Sharing and collaboration is simple in Milanote. Once you've completed your user journey map, you can share the board directly with clients.

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Use this template

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