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Team Structure

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Use this template

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A team structure diagram is a great way to demonstrate reporting relationships, define responsibilities, and introduce new people to the wider organization.

Completed Team Structure template in Milanote app

The perfect template for mapping your organizational chart

In a fast growing company, understanding where everybody fits into the wider scheme of things can be tricky to visualize. We put this template together to help you keep track of all your people.

This template has been pre-filled with a sample team structure to demonstrate how it could look.

Sharing and collaboration is simple in Milanote. Once you've completed your own team structure, you can share the board directly with the rest of your team or export to PDF.

Why use a Milanote template?

Milanote's public template browser allows immediate access to high-quality pre-formatted boards from expert contributors that help you and your team get started faster.

  • Create your own private templates to share with colleagues and speed up common tasks and processes.
  • Collect all of your requirements in one place—all your notes, ideas and research side by side.
  • Create boards within boards to add as many levels of hierarchy as your project requires.
  • Export your boards to linear or layout PDFs, or simply invite clients and stakeholders to collaborate in boards directly.
  • Access Milanote across all of your devices through a web browser (native apps coming soon).
  • Feel safe—Milanote is a secure and private place for your all of your creative projects.
Use this template

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