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Whether you're a fashion designer, into cosplay or make your own clothes, designing and making garments requires many steps. Milanote is an all-in-one visual tool to help you plan and organize your fashion projects.
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Set the tone with moodboards

Fashion moodboards are a great way to communicate the look and style you're going for. Collect inspirational images, add notes and sketch ideas to visualise a stylish new look.

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Start with a detailed brief

Capturing every detail about a garment or look in a brief guides the entire design process and sets you up for success. Milanote offers a Design Brief Template created specifically for fashion designers

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Collaborate with your team

Milanote can be a private place to plan or a shared space to work and showcase designs with your team.

  • Collaborate on projects in real-time
  • Invite clients to brainstorm, leave feedback or view-only
  • Export high-quality printable PDFs
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Assemble your final lookbook

Whether you're planning a winter wardrobe or preparing to showcase your garments on the runway, Milanote is the perfect tool for putting together outfits. Add reference images, add a model's measurements and create a checklist to assemble each look.

Secure and private

Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available. All of your data is hosted in an environment with world class security and privacy.

  • Real-time backups.
  • Notes encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Strict policies and controls to prevent Milanote staff from accessing your content.

Plan your next fashion project

Fashion Project Plan Template
Fashion Project Plan Template, within the Milanote app

Set the direction for your art project

Fashion Design Brief Template
Fashion Design Brief Template, within the Milanote app

Brainstorm your fashion projects

Fashion Brainstorm Template
Fashion Brainstorm Template, within the Milanote app

Moodboard your fashion project

Fashion Moodboard Template
Fashion Moodboard Template, within the Milanote app

Create a fashion lookbook

Fashion Lookbook Template
Fashion Lookbook Template, within the Milanote app

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