Interior Design Project Plan Template

Interior Design Project Plan Template, within the Milanote app

Organize your interior project in one place

Whether you’re redesigning your living room or fitting out a restaurant for a client, planning your project is an exciting first step. But it can also feel overwhelming. There are a million things to organize. From the brief to collecting visual references, writing a product shopping list, and much more.

This template will help you organize the creative and practical parts of your interior design project in one place. By the end, you'll have an inspiring vision and clear steps to bring it to life.

This template is part of the Interior Designers collection.

  • Collect inspiring images
  • Save links to products
  • Organize visually
  • Share with your team
  • Gather feedback

How to use this template

Whether you’re an interior designer or embarking on your home renovation, follow this step-by-step guide to learn the modern way to plan an interior design project in Milanote, a free tool used by top creatives.

1. Open the project plan template

The Interior Design Project Plan template is the central hub for your project. It includes boards and placeholders to help you organize the brief, moodboards and product shopping list in one place. There are also checklists for your workflow so nothing falls through the cracks.

Interior Design Template
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Create a new board for your project.

    Create a new board

    Drag a board out from the toolbar. Give it a name, then double click to open it.

  2. Choose the Interior Design Plan template.

    Choose a template

    Each new board gives you the option to start with a beautiful template.

2. Fill out the Brief board

It’s crucial to set a strong foundation from the start. A clear, inspiring, and informative brief provides the structure and direction for designers to do their best work. Interior design briefs typically include background information, goals, deliverables, visual references, floor plans, and information about the people who'll use the space.

interior brief template step 6
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Open the Brief board in your Project Plan.

  2. Choose the Interior Design Brief template.

    Choose a template

    Each new board gives you the option to start with a beautiful template.

3. Set the goals & deliverables

One of the most important things to define is why the project is happening. Spend time with your client, have them lead you through the vision in their own words, and ask questions like... What problem is this project trying to solve? What do you want to keep? What needs to change?

This is the part that you'll revisit throughout the project, so try and be as specific as possible. List each space or room that needs to be designed, alongside the goals for the project.

interior brief template step 3
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Create a new to-do list for the specific deliverables.

    Drag a to-do list onto your board

    Start typing then press "Enter" to create a new item. Add a title to your to-do list using the left hand toolbar.

  2. Add a note to capture the goals.

    Drag a note card onto your board

    Start typing then use the formatting tools in the left hand toolbar.

4. Set the visual style with a moodboard

In the brief, you set the goals and deliverables for your project. It's time to start exploring some visual directions with a moodboard. A moodboard is a collection of visual materials that evoke a certain style for a space. Interior designers use them to communicate which colors, materials, and furniture would suit a project.

Interior design moodboard template step07
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Open the Moodboard on your project plan.

  2. Choose the Interior Design Moodboard template.

    Choose a template

    Each new board gives you the option to start with a beautiful template.

5. Add inspiring imagery and references

The imagery you choose to include in your moodboard can have a big influence on the look and feel of your project, so choose carefully! These images can define things like tone, mood, lighting, and color. Interior moodboards often include materials and fabrics, flooring, fittings, textures, furniture, and even artwork.

Start by searching Milanote's built-in image library. It has millions of beautiful photos that you can drag straight onto your moodboard. You can also find visual reference around the web. There are lots of fantastic sites where you can find great visual inspiration for free, like Pinterest and Designspiration.

Interior design moodboard template step02
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Use the built-in image library.

    Use the built-in image library

    Search over 3 million beautiful, free photos then drag images straight onto your board. Powered by Pexels.

  2. Drag images from your computer.

    Upload a file or document

    Click the "Upload" button or just drag a file onto your board. You can add images, logos, documents, videos, audio and much more.

6. Make a product shopping list

Now that you have a clear direction for the style of your space, it's time to list the actual products and materials you need to buy. A product shopping list (or specifications list) is a handy way to link to the products with a visual list.

Save links to your furniture, artwork, lighting, rugs, flooring, glassware, and more. Then check them off as they're purchased. It'll help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

interior design plan step5
How to do this in Milanote
  1. Open the Product Shopping List on your project plan.

  2. Choose the Product Shopping List template.

    Choose a template

    Each new board gives you the option to start with a beautiful template.

You're all done!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you become more organized and given you the space to let your creativity shine. If you're just starting a new project, use the Interior Design Project Template below to get set up in minutes.

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