How to Write a Blog Post

Milanote provides the perfect tool for writing a blog post article.

The following step-by-step guide will lead you through the process of writing an article - from prewriting and research through to editing the finished piece.

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Six Steps to Creating a Blog Post

Stephanie Diamond, Writer
Updated 30th April, 2020

When you start to write a blog post, you’re usually confronted with a blank screen and a sinking feeling you don’t know what to do next. Milanote provides you with a set of tools and an infinite workspace that makes being creative easy.


The Big Picture – The Blog Post Template

So, what’s the key to writing a great blog post? It’s a roadmap! You need to start with a set of directions that tell you what to do first and how to get where you’re going. We’ve created a template that guides you through the process. Instead of letting your post sit in a folder for weeks while you try to piece things together, you have a plan that you can quickly follow to completion.

View the blog post template


Before you start, you need to know what you want to accomplish. This stage is designed to get everyone on the same page before the real work commences.

  1. Background: Write down the key information about the client and brand
  2. Goals: Write down the goal(s) of the article
  3. Audience: Choose the audience persona you are writing for
  4. Keywords: Write down all the keywords the article should focus on

Research and Inspiration

Collect the latest research, statistics and quotes to support your article. A moodboard can also be used to help define the tone and visual direction.

  1. Statistics about the topic: Sites like and
  2. Quotes that illustrate emotional content: Visit sites like
  3. Current online articles: Gather existing articles on the chosen topic

Article Outline

Mind maps are great for taking your research and organizing it into an outline you can use to write your article. A mind map helps you see what’s missing when you look at the big picture and the details at the same time.

  1. Template: Drag out a mind map from the templates section and fill in your title and main headings based on your research
  2. Outline: Add the content to each of the subheadings that will act as your paragraph content
  3. Expand: Finalize your map by including anything else you think should be included in your article


Now you’re ready to write, and you aren’t working from a blank screen.

  1. Create your outline - Using your research and mind map boards - add the title, headings, and subheadings and fill in the article outline
  2. Use a checklist - Add items that need to be addressed during the writing process, refer to the pre-writing board for important considerations
  3. Start writing - Drag a note and start, you can manually resize a note, or convert to long form if you want to write a more traditional document

Editing and Publishing

It’s time to send the post to the editor for review and prepare everything for publishing.

  1. Share your work: Send it to your editor. You can invite your editor to collaborate, get feedback or ask for input.
  2. Collaborate: They can add comments and can collaborate in real-time on the article with you.
  3. Publish: When you're finished you can use the export options in the upper right to turn your article into a word document.
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