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Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.

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The Evernote for Creatives
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Bryan Clark
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Collect everything in one place

image write notes lists

Write notes & to-do lists

Simple text editing and task management make it easy to add your thoughts to a board.

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Upload images & files

Milanote supports all common file types including JPGs, PDFs, Word, Excel, common design files and many more.

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Save text, images & links from the web

The Milanote Web Clipper lets you save inspiration and ideas from any website with a single click.

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Add notes & photos from your phone

Anything you save in the Milanote app will be ready to organize as soon as you're back at your computer.

Organize visually

Milanote's flexible drag and drop interface lets you arrange things in whatever way makes sense for your project.
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Collaborate with your team

Use Milanote as your online whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and work with your team, wherever they’re located.
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Designers use Milanote to organize their projects

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Creative directors use Milanote to organize their inspiration into moodboards

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Marketers use Milanote to organize their campaigns

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Writers use Milanote to outline their stories

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Agencies use Milanote to organize their creative projects

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Startups use Milanote to figure out what's next

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Milanote has become our digital way to look at inspiration, see process and critique work.
Profile picture of Jeremy Perez-Cruz, Brand Design Manager at Uber
Jeremy Perez-Cruz
Brand Design Manager at Uber
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Milanote is an amazing place to organize my ideas and make sense of them as they grow.
Profile picture of Brendan Kearns, Product Designer at InVision
Brendan Kearns
Product Designer at InVision
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Milanote is a visual extension of my brain.
Profile picture of Thomas De Monaco, Photographer for Chanel
Thomas De Monaco
Photographer for Chanel
logo chanel
An exquisite app for collecting, organizing & generating ideas.
Profile picture of Philip Fierlinger, Co-founder & Head of Design at Xero
Philip Fierlinger
Co-founder & Head of Design at Xero
logo xero
A beautiful tool for planning creative projects.
tina profile
Tina Roth Eisenberg
Founder/Designer at Swiss Miss
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Milanote is just lovely. A needed compliment to recent minimal text note taking excellence.
Profile picture of Josh Musick, Principal Design Director at Frog
Josh Musick
Principal Design Director at Frog
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