Get organized. Stay creative.

Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards.

Collect your thoughts

Milanote is a place to put it all together. See your ideas, notes and research side by side.

Explore your options

Milanote's fast & tactile interface makes it easy to experiment, play, generate ideas and explore creative possibilities.

Figure it out

Gradually add structure as you start to see patterns and connections. Milanote lets your work evolve naturally.

Capture your team's ideas

Your team's best ideas are scattered across hundreds of messages, emails and notes. Don't let them scroll past and be lost forever. Save them in Milanote and start planning something great.

An infinite workspace

As much space and as many levels of hierarchy as you need.

For individuals & teams

A private place to think? Or a shared workspace for collaboration? You decide.

Available on all your devices

Milanote runs in any modern web browser. Native apps are available for iPhone and macOS. Android coming soon.

Safe & secure

Our infrastructure is designed for security, constantly monitored & always available.

More about security and privacy

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Milanote is the Evernote for creatives.
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